Lytle Lake Use

Watering from the Lake

LLWCID taxpayers have the right to pump water from Lytle Lake to water their lawns and landscapes. Residents who enjoy this privilege are encouraged to follow the City of Abilene’s watering day schedules. When the water level in Lytle Lake drops between four and six feet of the spillway elevation, watering is restricted to two days per week. When the lake level goes more than six feet below the spillway, the use of water from the lake is prohibited. Pumps for irrigation may not be larger than two horsepower, and floating inlets are not allowed.

Off Limit Areas

Apart from the boat ramp on Oldham Lane and the recreational facility at Willow Point, the District does not allow public access to any of its property. Off-limit areas are marked by NO TRESPASSING signs and purple paint on posts and trees, which is an official marker under the Texas Penal Code 30.05. For safety reasons the District appreciates your cooperation by avoiding the marked properties. Trespassing is a criminal offence which can be prosecuted under the law.


According to the Rules and Regulations, guests may bring boats onto Lytle Lake with prior acknowledgement of the Manager and if they are with a District Member. All guests will need to have a guest pass while using the lake. If you would like to obtain a guest pass, please contact the Lake Manager at 325-690-0835 or email

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